Web Sites for Small Businesses and Organizations

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Keep it simple !

My motto, "Keep It Simple", is to take the stress out of starting up a website and maintaining it for you.

All you need to do is select your website colors and send me photos.  I'll do the rest and submit the results for your approval!

This is an area where many website designer and management businesses tend to fall short. Their clients will call with a minor request such as a photo update or text modification. The designer will reply "no problem, I'll get right on that." yet days go by and nothing changes. The client again asks and gets " oh sorry, I got busy. I will take care of that for you right now" Days later still nothing has been done.
If I say "I will take care of that" I mean as soon as humanly possible. Usually within 24 hours for minor modifications. If it is a major over haul you can be assured I will begin working on it within 24 hours Unless I have some type of emergency. In the event of an emergency that would interfere with my ability to keep my promised schedule you will be alerted to the situation. I would never leave you wondering.
I am very dedicated to my clients and always put their needs as top priorities.