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 I visited the TCATC website today for the first time in a long time and was absolutely bowled over by the new design. The colors that we deliberated over so intently in the design of the large banner last year integrated beautifully into the new website. We chose those colors carefully because they favor our Airedales so well, and this new website "wallpaper" does exactly that. It serves as a very classy frame for the dog pictures and makes the banner look to part of a smart, strategic plan for communicating a consistent, professional image about TCATC to members as well as the general public. No criticism of the old site intended, but the maroon and gold has a unique, rich look that really catches and holds the eye. This website does what Facebook cannot, and will not ever, do: present a well-packaged, authoritative communication about the breed, breeders, events, services, pet responsibility and a host of other topics to interested members and general readers. Good for TCATC for not succumbing to the notion that ad hoc Facebook posts can accomplish a comprehensive communications program for a professional association. Both have their rightful place, but this website will set TCATC apart. 

 Wendy W. (TwinCitiesAiredale.org)



 Sue deserves more kudos that I can possibly express in mere words. The Kiwanis Club of Harker Heights TX wanted to start a web site. We had no idea on how to go about doing this and on a very limited budget. I was put in contact with Sue Reimund through her father. Lucky for us! She designed a beautiful web site that meets all our need and more. She is patient, efficient and very knowledgeable in walking a total novice through every step of the set up and launch of their site. The site is so easy to use and her personal tech support is like none other. You won't get this kind of service from a big company! I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone and in the process I have made a new friend. Thank you Sue.
Vivian Marschik
Harker Heights Kiwanis Club


Just wanted to tell you how great my website is and what a super job you are doing with it. I cannot tell you the number of people who comment to me how wonderful my website is and how much they enjoy it. And they check it all the time for news and new pictures!! It is so great when you know that people are actually logging in and appreciate all your work.
So thanks again for giving me this face on the Internet!!! 

Jean ~ www.Darbywood.com


Thank you for all your hard work in building my website! You went over and above and I am very grateful! Thanks so much for all your hard work! I absolutely love it!
Christine N.
Designs Etcertra


Sue has created a gorgeous web space for us to announce our events, brags, and share photos and videos with the rest of the Airedale community. Sue has made the site so that members of the ATCNE can be interactive by becoming a member of the site and logging in. If you are looking to create a special place for your kennel or club, I highly recommend Sue... She is a delight to work with and is open for your suggestions of what you envision your website to project to the world.
Lesley Mattuchio
Airedale Terrier Club of New England


I am very happy with the excellent service I have received from dealing with Sue. I had no idea how to put a site together for my business, So I contacted her, and she has been a blessing, she is very patient, is very capable, and a very nice person to do business with. I would recommend no one other than her!!!
James R Finnegan Jr
James Gang Masonry Inc


People are still commenting on this site as one of the most beautiful websites. In fact there is a fellow in town with a concrete business who may contact you as he realized it might help his business. I hope you are picking up new people as you do an excellent job and I think you so much again. The colors and picture displays are so well done. 
Susan Rodgers
Stirling Airedales


Within an hour of contacting Sue about creating a website for me, I had 6 examples of home pages emailed to me. And that prompt attention to accomplishing any task associated with the creating or updating of the website is what makes working with Sue so fantastic. She always has wonderful ideas and is always thinking of new things to try out to make the pages more impressive. I cannot recommend Sue enough. My website is fantastic and I have received many wonderful comments on it.
Jean Surfus
Darbywood Airedales


Vickie Shotwell: You are wonderful! I am always amazed at how fast you respond to my request. I have had MANY COMPLIMENTS on my website. You made building a website an easy experience! Thanks for all of the talented ideas you contributed! Vickie Shotwell Runrig Cairns
Vickie Shotwell
Runrig Cairns


You were amazing helping me --You are so talented with great original ideas ----Everyone LOVES the way you created my site and I LOVE it too.

Sadie Moore
TerrierTattletails Arts & Crafts


Hi Sue, Loved working with you on my website design. You were so professional and prepared, patient, too (lol). Working with you and combining our ideas was a blissful endeavor. You contributed so many great ideas. Thanks for making my website so special! Cheryl Kranz-Scott Arley Hall Airedales
Cheryl Kranz - Scott
Arley Hall Airedales